Why we’re ready to talk StoryWorlds again

..and what’s going to happen after the Indiegogo page closes (23rd January)…

It’s been 6 years since a truly global tribe of storytellers gathered in San Francisco to, for many, meet for the very first time. It was a magic moment — a meeting of the minds and a gathering of the clan — but it was more than that. It was a time of uncertainty but excitement, evolution and revolution of storytelling as the practice of transmedia and interactive storytelling looked set to (possibly) re-invent a media wheel as ‘new’ platforms expanded the scale, scope and reach of story across timelines, territories and audiences.

So I’m thrilled to be planning a Reunion, ‘Retreat’ & Shenanigans from 18th-20th May 2018 (but not a conference, those things suck) with and for these fabulous people…

But with only a few days left on the Indiegogo campaign, and so many emails and enquiries about availability of a place/ticket beyond the closing date of 23 January, here’s the deal….

I’m about to reserve an epic venue in Los Angeles for this StoryWorld 3.0 — Reunion, ‘Retreat’ & Shenanigans that will hold 75–100 people.
What this means is that there will be availability beyond the Indiegogo closing date — but with a max capacity for 100.

So we can arrange ticketing and take queries by email, Facebook message, Whatsapp, phone call, Skype, FaceTime, postcard or carrier pigeon (we work across most platforms)— but there will be a cap once (IF) we reach 100.

Thank you to these gorgeous people who have stepped forward and trusted me to pull this off, and buy their Whole Shebang ticket without even knowing what I’m planning.

But you know it will be pretty off-the-hook amazing, right?

There were many predictions made in San Francisco in 2011 and followed up in LA in 2012, some of which came to fruition and others that, well, fell off the table. We’ve since had the ‘Golden Age of Television’, the surge of Mixed Realities, the experiences of Escape Rooms and the predicted ‘death of cinema’ and, according to DMs and emails I get on a regular basis, it might just be time to reunite the tribe and see where we’re at, what we’ve learned, where we might be heading and, maybe most importantly, get our heads together to apply our collective skillsets to amplify positive experiences and emotions around new stories.

If you’d like your face and name included in this Reunion, ‘Retreat’ & Shenanigans attendee line-up check out our Indiegogo page at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/storyworld-3-0-reunion-retreat-shenanigans-design-entertainment/x/228179#/

If you can’t make that happen before 23rd January (Indiegogo closing date) then email us at hello@storycentral.com and we’ll add your name to the list of interested creatives that just need a little more time. This means we will give you a gentle poke around the end of February to see where you’re at, and see if you need a little more time (pending that we haven’t capped 100 by then).

So THANK YOU to everybody listed above.

Please feel free to share this amongst your networks and remember, you don’t need to have attended StoryWorld 1 and 2 to be part of this.

We’re all just friends you haven’t met yet… ;)