Is All Our Hard Work Killing Our Future?
Mike Sturm

Not really — there were periods in human history where a thousand years would go by without any change. That’s what leisure looks like at scale. Today, we’re leaping bound of centuries at a time. More pictures were taken in 2015 than the previous 100 years. The only way for humankind to get to Star Trek level society is to get to the 25th Century at quadruple our present pace. From the way it looks today, we will get there. Technology will speed our productivity over the next 100 years.

And not to discount leisure, because it does play an important role in actuating our precise need to answer the primal call of “What’s next?.” What it doesn’t do however, is actually move us forward. Only moving forward moves us forward. Leisure is a stubborn refusal to accept the time’s raw concept, that it is a fluid yet willful motion forward. For that reason, there is no leisure that can exist without fear of time.

Leisure creates slavery — relentless work creates AI. When we, as a race realize it’s time to stop masturbating in front of illusions, we’ll be seeding the universe instead of wasting our capabilities on fleeting buzz.