StoryMate Review — Why This Software Is a Must-Have?

Being a veteran in social media marketing, I thought it was absolutely important that I write this, Storymate review which is a fairly new application that has taken social media by storm. I’m Chris Jenkins and have spent 90% of my life making revenue through social media and internet marketing. Yes, you got that right. I make my living off internet and social media marketing and like any other business, it is financial support. Storymate just made my work much easier and is helping in supplementing my income. Wondering how Storymate does that? Don’t worry, I am writing this Storymate review to help you understand just that.

I think you would agree that social media stories like facebook, Instagram and snapchat stories have become the main form of communication nowadays with your loved ones. The new popular application, Storymate is the first ever application that allows you to build, share and publish the best customizable stories. Lucky for you, in this Storymate review, I will cover all of the functions, benefits, cons and how you can get Storymate from a reliable source. I will also be giving you some amazing bonuses with Storymate, bonuses that combined with the use of Storymate will help you in climbing to 50000+ followers in less than 3 months.

The magic doesn’t stop here. Not only does it help you in creating and publishing the stories, Storymate is pretty cool and also helps in sending huge amount of traffic to your websites through their amazing feature called the linkcloaker.

You can now share your experiences in the most vivid form possible in the form of stories. Being the first ever application to offer this degree of customization for your social media stories, I am not surprised at how popular it has become. You might be wondering why it is so important to post stories in the first place. Like I mentioned before, stories on social media have become the new thing and have taken over posts. Not only that but stories have also become more important than the newsfeed which is why you notice your facebook stories appearing even before you can scroll through the newsfeed.

While stories are very helpful in catching attention of people, there are commercial uses for Storymate as well. You can actually use Storymate to construct stories that will help you in selling your products through the placement of links in your stories. High quality and customized stories will grab the attention of your users and the use of links in the stories will act as calls to action which will help in increasing sales for your brand.

Let’s face it, not all brand and social media managers are always prepared for the camera. Sometimes you just have your work face on and still need a glamorous story on your facebook or instagram account. Obviously, not having a glamorous story will not engage the people in your follow list and all purpose will be lost. But thanks to the introduction of Storymate, you don’t need to be camera ready all the time and still get a glamorous story worth a lot of hits and likes on your profile!

While there are many personal and commercial uses for Storymate, the following are some of the main commercial uses that you will have with Storymate.

1. Specific content for your local brands

2. Customized content for your personal profiles.

3. Niche targeted content for your ecommerce platforms.

4. Affiliate offers

If you are one of the people who like to scroll on the big screen and not always the smartphone, Storymate has something amazing for you. Storymate has designed some amazing templates that you can use to create stories for your facebook and instagram profiles using your desktop.

Now let me go over some of the features of Storymate in detail. While you are using Storymate to create your projects, you will have the choice of selecting a wide arrange of templates that including new, popular and premium templates. These templates target almost all aspects of life including home design, life, travel, photography, portfolios, food, environment, trends, parties, shopping, messages, dreams, time travel, slideshows, you name it! They have got pretty much everything covered in Storymate which is probably why Storymate has gained so much traction in such a less amount of time.

Another Storymate feature that is quite interesting is the ability to customize your images and videos in a way that no other application offers. You can make slideshows, videos, join images and make a professional portfolio.

Perhaps the most useful feature that Storymate offers to its users is that of the link cloaker. Now you must be wondering what a link cloaker is. Basically, the link cloaker feature in Storymate gives you the ability to cloak your link in the customized story that you are going to post on your social media accounts. This helps in guiding your customers to click on the links and landing on the websites that you want to generate sales.