You have one body, make it the best that it can be.

Leslie Sansone. We all know that name. Your mother jumped around the living room back in the 90s while you watched from your playpen. You joined along side her when you were finally able to walk. Now, twenty-one years later, you never thought you would be doing them yourself.

After graduating high school and realizing I don’t have that teenage metabolism anymore, I had gained about twenty pounds. It never bothered me until my fellow facebook and twitter friends begain posting their fitness journey’s. I would tell myself “I’ll start my diet monday” and “another cookie wont hurt. I’ll just work out tomorrow.” But then monday came and I delayed it for another week, another month, then another year. This year, I told myself enough is enough.

I began doing easy workouts (Leslie Sansone). It wasn’t until two weeks into it that I started seeing results. My stomach was flatter, my arms started to thin out, and my thighs no longer rubbed together. I had enough courage to get on the scale: I was down eight pounds. Putting my head in my hands, I let the tears fall down my cheeks and plastered a giddy smile on my face. I was getting closer to my weight loss goal (15 lbs) and my confidence was through the roof.

If you have weight loss goals, you don’t have to do kill yourself with crazy work outs. Your health is the most important thing in your life. You have one body, make it the best that it can be! All you need to do is get out and walk. I promise you, you will never regret working out. You can do it, I blieve in you!


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