Just the beginning…

Do we realize that we all are storytellers? Every story begins with an introduction. Similary, when we meet someone for the first time we start the conversation by introducing ourseleves. As the story progresses, more context is added. Similary, as we progress our meeting we get to know more about the person we are meeting with. If the story we are reading is interesting, we continue to read. If the person we find interesting, we continue to meet. What am i implying here? A story is similar to a new person? Or maybe there is no connection and i am just trying to establish one?

When we meet new people, we open a new chapter of our life and the length of that chapter depends on how long the person stayed in our life. What all interactions we had with that person in life. What lessons of life we learnt while that person was in our life. I still remember an email which came into my mailbox more that 10 years ago and it said “ Everybody comes into your life for a reason”. Sometimes, they come to teach you a hard lesson. Sometimes, they come to make you feel special. Sometimes, they come just to tell you take it easy and don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes, they come to tell you that don’t judge people. Sometimes, they come to tell you that you are a very strong person and can overcome the current challenge easily as you have done in the past.

When these people leave, they leave behind stories which we always remember and try to tell others.

I am glad that i have had many people coming and leaving from my life and each of them had given me such wonderful stories to share with others. I hope, we can all open up and share those stories with each other because if the mankind needs to survive then it has to work together ,and by sharing each other’s life experiences and learning from them we can all make a difference.

So, open up and share your stories as i will.