Six-Word Stories Bring Clarity and Focus to Businesses

Short stories for business help make connections with customers, colleagues and employees. Stories help us to literally see in our own mind the experiences of the storyteller. Stories in print, or even better, video stories with supplementary footage to engage the viewer make lasting impressions. Even greater clarity and focus can come from crafting a very short story. “How short?”, you ask? Try six words!

Six-word stories force the crafter/teller to focus in on the very essence of what they want to say. Perhaps the most famous six-word story is attributed to Hemingway: “Baby shoes for sale, never used.” The listener (or reader) gets an instant image in their mind that tells the whole story. Here are a two
from literature: Beauty loves Beast. Curse is lifted; Simpleton plants beans. Giant is defeated. And one of my favorites from real life: Played golf. Boss won. Kept job!

Stantec, an architectural and engineering company has used this technique to share their company’s and employees’ stories. Thousands of employees were asked to share their six-word stories.

Some of the responses:
Designed ventilation to reduce hospital infections.
Fighting urban dysfunction armed with imagination.
Mapping underground utilities helps save lives.

These short glimpses of their experiences succinctly impart the passion, dedication and caring of the company as a whole. These stories are now displayed on story-walls in many of their international offices. Six-word stories fill the reader/listener with tales of pride and accomplishment.

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