How will cryptocurrencies enter the real economy sector?

Anarchism is a common name of a number of political phylosophy systems which are based on humans freedom and deny the neccesity to control society by governmental institutions.

Why am I touching this subject? Let`s think about it toghether. What is cryptocurrency? Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Digibyte, Monero, Zclassic, and etc? What is the point of it? What can it give to the world and to us? Well, just in short, cryptocurrency is the new type of money. It is the replacement for pestered fiat money. It will supersede the world`s governments and central banks with their printing presses and deprive them from money power and all those things which are valuable for making exchanges. In other words, the cryptocurrency world is a little anarchy island in the see of politics. Yeah, it sounds great. But can it be achieved in reality that the governments do not participate in money emissions, do not control movements of funds, and do not influence on the exchange rates?

As any other almost Utopian idea, the cryptoeconomy or cryptoanarchy idea needs to make people believe in the possibility to make exchanges via government independed value which is cryptocurrency. We have already seen how many people acknowledged cryptocurrency for the last 2 years but unfortunately there is one problem. Many of them started forgetting that cryptocurrency is the payment instrument and the method for making exchanges. They started speculating its value, blowing the market bubble and expecting a high investment returns. The twitter-media predictors tell us to HODL. They say that we should invest into cryptocurrency and hold the coins. But for what? What will we get at the end? 100X, 200x….to the moon? What about the idea of exchanges for crypto? How would Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and other find themselves a real application? Just ask yourselves what the cryptocurrency is for you. Is it the new money, the new value of money or the new financial instrument for the old economy? Ok, I hope that each of you has given an answer to yourself about what the cryptocurrency is for him now and what it will be tomorrow. The most of exchange market analytics, financial gurus, governmental regulators representatives, traders and investors regard cryptocurrency as just an asset, speculating instrument, bubble, hype-project but not the new type of money. The mentioning of cryptocurrency as an exchange tool makes them smile. Everyone does remember the hystory about purchasing pizza in 2010, right?

Indeed, how can one make cryptocurrency payments when the market is so volatile? But without real application, the cryptocurency is no more than just a hype and an asset for speculations. What is neccessary to use the cryptocurrency as intended? At least, the low volatility level and acknowledging the fact that one Bitcoin equals to one Bitcoin. Is it hard to do? But that`s the point. I believe that human greed can not destoy the idea. Moreover, the market is entered by projects which motivate to use cryptocurrency as payment method. A shining example of such motivating project is Paytomat. For those lazy enough to “google” information here is the link for the project. They do not just integrate payment gateway into POS-terminal but motivate using cryptocurrency as payment method by their loyalty program for buyers and merchants. The project also has its own wallet and infrastructure. This is really awesome! You will, easily, find information on that in Google. Due to such projects the market will develop reducing the menace of cryptoeconomy collapse.

Allright, most probably, cryptocurrencies will not enter daily life tomorrow but it is important to keep going into that direction and move closer to this moment. Blockchain technology is a breakthrough. As an asset, cryptocurrencies have already been acknowledged. We are half-way to our goal. Then, let`s help cryptocurrency ecosystem develop, together, and forget about the desire to get rich instantaneously. What we really need is money emission decentralization with set limits in circulation. Let`s participate in this experiment together!

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