From vision to developed reality. A look into design implementation, what it is, examples and maturity


From my experience working in small startups, and larger organisations, one of the most important (but sometimes a little overlooked) part of the design process can be the implementation. Between design and the final developed product, the implementation stage is critical to a well-functioning, usable and good-looking interface.

A familiar scenario?

“The developed…

10 usability fundamentals with examples. Based on interface heuristics guidelines by the Nielsen Norman Group

1. Indication of system status and progress

Keep the user informed about what is happening. If something is loading, transferring or downloading, give some indication of progress from their actions. Give a clear expectation of how long will I have to wait? and is it working?

Examples: progress indicator loading spinners, progress bar, loading button, fade in…

Stop for a second and take a hard look at your product


Are you a startup owner or product owner? Did you know, 42% of startups stop because of no market need. 29% stop because they ran out of funding. Over 50% of start-ups cease to exist after 3 years.*

The purpose of this article is to encourage practical steps you can…

An analysis of the subscription ecosystem, the benefit for users, and why subscriptions can fail.

Have you ever subscribed to a music streaming or film streaming service? Ever used a free trial for anything? My estimate is everyone reading this will at some point in their life be a subscriber.

In 2016, as startups were shifting to alternative (way better) payment services like Stripe, Apple…

A critical view of the role of data in decision-making

If I had I asked people what they wanted, they would of said faster horses
- Henry Ford

Data-driven design. The idea of underpinning all design decisions with data. Data from analytics, research, A/B testing, focus groups, surveys, think-tanks and more. If you’ve been to any design conference or watched…

Steve Johnson

Product Designer

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