Wondering about sexuality

When I was 15 I thought I might be gay. But why did I still feel something for boys? I thought I was gay? Well, it was about one year later that I discovered, from an internet website, that there was more than just straight and gay. That there were so many other “options” than just these two. And so I found something really interesting: bisexuality. At first it felt weird to say I’m bi, because it somehow didn’t fit into my picture. It felt like I wanted to be something special, so that others would recognize me, so I started to wonder, who I really am.

I thought about everything, about relationships and love and if I’m really just in need of attention. The more I thought about it, the more I got confused and didn’t know, whom I should tell.

I felt bad for my sexuality, because I’ve never heard of it before, because nobody talks about it and nobody’s taking it serious. I felt like I was nonexistent and I didn’t want to talk to anybody about it. What if they just tell me it’s a phase? Is it a phase? Is it not? No. It isn’t.

There are so many kinds of sexuality and nobody talks about. The school doesn’t, the parents doesn’t. I had to find out about the internet, why I felt like I felt. And it’s not just me! There are so many others out there, who never heard of pansexuality, asexuality and all the other ones.

It is time to change that. I am proud to be bisexual, even though I often have to explain, what exactly it means. And you have every right to be proud of being a part in the lgbta+ community, too!

Thank you for reading!

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