8 Ways To Save Energy On Your Next Commercial Remodeling Project

That upcoming site renovation means big improvements in your property’s value, looks and function. On average, typical commercial buildings waste 30 percent of their annual energy consumption, so turn your commercial remodeling project into a money-saving plan with these eight energy-saving strategies.

1. Switch Off Expensive Lighting — Fluorescent and incandescent fixtures don’t cast a flattering light on your interiors, and they put out more heat than illumination. Changing to more efficient bulbs helps, but your best long-term plan incorporates lighting design and fixtures that take full advantage of CFL and LED technology. These bright upgrades lower lighting costs by as much as 75 percent over standard options.

2. Reduce Electric Costs Outside — From convenience stores and QSRs to retail centers and office buildings, exterior lights come on when the sun goes down. Extend your property renovations to parking lots and entryways with energy-saving metal halide lights and fixtures. Cooler operating temperatures and longer lamp life add to the value of brighter illumination at a much lower cost than high-pressure sodium fixtures.

3. Open Up to Natural Light — A one-time investment in large plate glass windows and strategically placed skylights permanently improves the light inside your property while increasing its exterior visibility. Naturally lit interiors create an atmosphere that’s appreciated by both customers and employees. Expanded glass installations improve the look of your business and decrease the need for expensive electric illumination.

4. Upgrade Food Service Equipment — Walk-in coolers, freezers, fryers and steam tables add to restaurant energy costs every day, and older equipment becomes more expensive to operate every year. Your commercial remodeling project presents an ideal opportunity for upgrading to EnergyStar certified equipment. The savings on utility costs quickly offsets your investment, and you enjoy efficient, affordable operation that’s always up to code.

5. Improve Your Insulation Options — Well-insulated walls and ceilings take a big load off HVAC systems, so include this money-saving strategy in your commercial remodeling plans. Replace old windows with insulated units that hold down heating and cooling costs. If your operations include food service, don’t overlook walk-in coolers and freezers. New insulation boosts their performance, saves electricity and extends equipment life.

6. Close the Door on Energy Loss — A busy front door means business is good, but it’s a portal to outside temperatures that strain your HVAC system. Design a new entryway into your renovation project with an attractive vestibule that doubles as an air lock. The sequenced two-door construction keeps customers comfortable inside and weather extremes outside. Revolving doors perform the same energy-saving trick with extra style.

7. Seal Up Expensive Leaks — Plumbing might not come to mind when you’re drawing up energy-saving plans, but consider the unnecessary cost of heating water that leaks from old pipes and faulty seals. From multiple bathrooms in large office buildings to dishwashing equipment in restaurants, hot water contributes to your monthly utility bill. Take advantage of your remodeling project with a thorough plumbing inspection, and stop the slow drip of wasted energy.

8. Put Automated Systems to Work — Depending on your property’s size, high tech energy-saving strategies range from complete building automation systems to simple occupancy sensors and programmable thermostats. Many systems monitor equipment performance, track energy usage and identify hidden mechanical problems. Incorporating these technologies into your renovation yields solid returns in lower utility costs.

Make your remodeling project pay off with customized pre-planning and expert building services from our experienced teams here at Stovall Construction. Contact us today for more information on converting your renovation investment dollars into long-term energy savings that add up for years.

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