Expert Tips and Techniques for Planting Grass

Planting grass may seem pretty straightforward. In reality, there are several factors to consider. With the tips and techniques provided, growing dense, green, healthy, and beautiful grass is much easier. You will gain insight into how to plant a new lawn, what lawn patch products are, and how to grow grass without seeds.

How to Plant a New Lawn Using Sod

· The first step involves testing the soil. For this, a small amount of soil is collected from different areas. While experts have access to local testing for fast results, others have to send the soil off to be tested. This usually takes two weeks. With the pH level of the soil revealed, a type of sod that will grow well in the existing soil can be chosen or the pH level can be corrected for the sod you prefer.

· The area is measured to determine the amount of sod required. To fit odd-shaped areas and curves, it is important to purchase 5 percent extra sod.

· The depth of the soil is tilled to about 7 inches. In addition, rocks, sticks, and other debris are removed and roughly 3 inches of organic matter is added and tilled in.

· The soil is raked to break up any clots and even out the surface.

· The sod is unrolled, laid so the rows touch one another, and cut to accommodate edges and curves. With a lawn roller, the sod is pressed firmly into place.

· Unless it rains, the sod should be watered daily. The goal is to soak the sod and get the top 4 inches of soil moist. Daily watering will continue for the first two weeks and then taper down to just once a week.

Planting with Seeds

Planting a lawn with seeds is another possibility. The seeds and fertilizer are applied as standalone products, or one of the best lawn patch products is used. As a combination of seeds, fertilizer, and mulch blends, patches often save time and money.

To use seeds, the area is measured, and the soil is tilled and raked. Using a spreader, the seeds are then added to the soil to the volume recommended by the manufacturer. The seeds are also watered daily. Once the grass begins to sprout, the frequency of watering is reduced to once or twice weekly.

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