Unison shutting down

The NYC-based Unison work communications tool will soon be shut down. This is a part of the inevitable consolidation in the market following in the wake of Slack’s explosive growth.

via email
We are shutting down Unison on July 13, 2016. We are sorry to let you down and are grateful for your support over the years.
We are shutting down because the company has not reached the size and growth we need to sustain it.

The company’s pivoting to a new take on the same ideas:

We have made the decision to focus our resources on a new team chat app that we launched in April. It’s called FreshTeam, and it has many of the features in Unison plus new capabilities like one-click mobile conference calls and optional team location sharing. Learn more at www.fresh.team.
To contact us, please write support@unison.com.
Team Unison

I wouldn’t hold out much hope for that, either. And I wonder what other products are headed for the dustbin of history?