Stox Alpha — Ready? Set… Launch!

Last Friday, FC Barcelona star and Uruguayan national football player, Luis Suarez, helped us announce the kick off of our Alpha by posting on his Instagram, Twitter & Facebook!

Interest in taking part in our Alpha Prediction Market exceeded our wildest expectations, with over 4,000 of you registering.

Access Is On The Way

With such a staggering amount of people signed-up, we’re going stagger the process: 50 people at time will be invited to give the Alpha a spin. The order will be according to when you signed up — whoever signed up first will be first to have a go.

Everyone who signed-up will be invited, so keep your eyes peeled for an email from us in the coming days.

The Purpose of the Alpha

One of the things you’ll notice is that this Alpha, as a preliminary version, is not decentralized and will not use STX tokens. That’s because the specific purpose of the Alpha is to help us fine-tune the user flow and user experience.

Decentralization and other bells and whistles will take form in the Beta. Yes, product development requires patience :)

Tell Us What You Think

Once you have tried out the Alpha, we will contact you directly to learn about your experience. We want to know exactly what you thought about the flow, the experience and how you think we can improve.

We will use your feedback to help us develop the best Predication Market Platform in the world.

We strongly believe in the wisdom of the crowd and that our success is tied into your input. So as always — thank you!

Team Stox

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