Stox Expands to Asia with Market Leading Crypto Exchange QUOINE

Stox and QUOINE are delighted to announce that they have joined forces to support Stox’s entrance into the Asian market.

QUOINE is an established global cryptocurrency company licensed by the Japan FSA. It will introduce Stox to the Asian market, which is one of the biggest crypto market in the world, with thousands of crypto-currency enthusiasts and traders.

Stox is a decentralized prediction market platform which is built on blockchain technology and utilizes the STX token for all transactions. It is currently in the Alpha development stage and has thousands of users and an active community.

Thanks to the partnership, the Stox token is now listed on QRYPTOS, the secure ICO listing and cryptocurrency trading exchange. You can easily sign up for an account and start trading STX on QRYPTOS today.

Stox is currently in the compliance process of Japanese FSA registration, in order to be listed on QUOINEX, one of the world’s largest Crypto-Fiat exchanges, which is fully regulated in Japan. As part of its Asia expansion, Stox will refer to best practices from QUOINE to go through the compliance process

To show their support of the Stox community, QUOINE is offering rewards to participate in its next project, the LIQUID platform backed by the QASH Token Sale. QASH is being developed to provide global liquidity for the crypto economy and become the preferred token for financial services on blockchain.

Every member of the Stox community who signs up for a QRYPTOS account will get 10 QASH as a part of the QASH Bounty Program. They are also invited to join the QUOINE Telegram group to learn more about the QASH Token Sale and receive another 10 QASH as a welcome gift. Redeem your QASH rewards by submitting an application here. Please note, that all applications will need to have a verified QRYPTOS account to be a qualified submission.

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