You Asked, We Answered #AskStox Part 1

The Stox Telegram community is strong, engaged and growing every day.

On a daily basis tens of new people join the Stox community, hundreds of comments are posted and lively discussions take place.

We don’t take this for granted and are immensely grateful to the thousands of people in our community for their involvement. We didn’t anticipate so much activity after the token sale and so are especially excited by the levels of engagement.

We want our community to be the best, so last week we invited the community to ask us any questions they have about Stox using the hashtag #AskStox.

Over 70 questions on a variety of topics were submitted. A number of themes repeated themselves, giving us good indication of what of information you want. This will help us as we develop our communications strategy.

We learned that even the smallest updates count. So, in that spirit, we’ll share more with you, and when it matters the Stox Telegram community will be the first to know!

Here’s part 1 of our answers to your questions which focus on the team, and updates, with more to come over the next few days.

Answers to Your Questions

The Stox Team

Stox is building a strong team of industry experts and top level advisors.

The team involved in the token sale was comprised of some of the talented crew from the group as well as a number of professional consultants.

Since the token launch we have started to consolidate the Stox team. This has involved moving some of the team from the group to Stox full-time, while others have been spending their work days focusing on both. The group is fully operational and those moving to Stox full-time will do so within the next few weeks.

The team’s priority is to create the best prediction platform in the world.

We are recruiting new staff, so if you have experience in prediction markets, blockchain technology or smart contracts, then please feel welcome to send us your CV

The Stox Website

Following the token sale, we set to work on the Stox Alpha Prediction platform while preparing for the live platform, and we wanted the homepage to reflect this. By the end of next week we’ll release an updated version of the website which will include the return of the Stox team.

Stox Team and Their Tokens

The team is in this for the long-term. None of the team has sold their Stox tokens. Their tokens are in a 24 month vesting period. To protect the privacy of our team we do not publish information about their salaries or benefits.

Smart contracts are open source, so you can check token activity.

Stox &

Stox and are different companies, however they are related. Both were created by the same founding team. They have overlapping shareholders, stakeholders and employees. Moshe Hogeg is the primary stakeholder in Stox and a significant stakeholder in the group. The two companies enjoy a close relationship and share ideas and expertise.

As a highly regulated entity, cannot disclose client data. Any information which we are able to share about the client base has already been published and can be found in the whitepaper.

The group will promote Stox to its large database of users according to the legal framework which allows this.


We are creating a communications strategy and plan, the #AskStox initiative as well as the recent update we published on Medium were a part of this.

It’s important to us that our community is happy and feels that it is getting the information it needs to remain confident and happy. We therefore aim to publish regular updates. We want our updates to have substance and so avoid publishing information which doesn’t have value. If we can update more often, then of course we will.

For day to day news of what’s going on, we’ll post directly onto Telegram so you can expect to hear from us more often.

So that’s it for Part 1.

What’s coming next from #AskStox?

We’ll refer to the following topics you asked us about: exchanges, Bancor, technical aspects and marketing.

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