Hellfire and Socialist Sex

There’s a burlesque troupe in NYC called Wasabassco. They do an extra-risque monthly show called the Hellfire Club and I was able to catch it last weekend.

There’s something about boldly gyrating women. Like, ok, the news is terrifying but Nasty Canasta comedic timing is spot-on. Yeah, we might actually be headed to hell in a hand basket but Sydni Devereaux’s beautiful face is still beautiful and she makes the most engaging expressions with it on stage.

Hope in hilarious hedonism, as it were.

— — —

In preparation for the first Sex Lit event I read through Bataille’s Erotism. I think the context of his philosophy is important to understanding his earlier pornographic work.

In chapter 11 Bataille says “There are people who turn up their noses at these statistics, but for all their imperfections can they not see how valuable a Soviet Kinsey Report would be?”

I found it difficult to imagine that there wasn’t one. So I emailed a friend of mine who writes about politics and people, and pays attention to sexuality.

My friend turned up a work called General Sexual Pathology from the mid 70s. He also mentioned that there is a Serbian word for multiple men lined up to have sexual intercourse with a woman.

— — —

I’ve always been curious about gang bangs. Why we call them gang bangs instead of fuck puddles or cock buffets. Why the bangee is so frequently shown in a position of submission, with the bangers standing over them.

So what is this Serbian word and how aggressive are the connotations of it? Do the political systems of a population change the dynamics of group sex?

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