Over the period of July 1, 2019 through middle of January, 2020 I coordinated the development of the æternity Base æpp Wallet & æpps Browser. The Base æpp is deployed to as a webapp to (with different UX in mobile and desktop browsers), as well as to the iOS App Store and Google Play Market. Additionally, I wrote and submitted the æpps Metadata AEX, with the help of Denis Davidyuk. The rest of this post highlights some of the functionality we developed and released in the period mentioned above.


Perhaps the single biggest set of functionalities we developed…

This third story from the æternity æpps Summit is an in depth look into the Summit activities that focus on the Developer Tools.

A significant part of the sessions during the Summit were dedicated to the tools which æternity has built to date, as well as plans for future updates. In attendance were developers from, Limechain, projects from the first Starfleet cohort, and of course many of the æternity SDKs, Middleware, and æpps developers.

There were a number of sessions dedicated specifically to providing feedback on the SDKs and the Middleware. Having developers who use the SDKs in their projects and the SDKs team in one place was incredibly productive. …

The second blog post coming from the æpps Summit is dedicated to æternity’s 2019 goal to revolutionize crypto fundraising.

In the first blog post dedicated to the æpps Summit held in Antalya, Turkey in January 2019, we promised more in-depth coverage of some of the development topics that were discussed during the important event. In this post we will cover How æternity Plans to Revolutionize Funding, and in future posts we will discuss the State of the æternity Dev Tools and more dev-related topics.

Before we begin, it’s worth mentioning that a great wealth of productive discussions took place both during the summit sessions and organically outside of them. In this and following posts, we will be primarily covering…

We are thrilled to see the active participation of our community in building out the æternity ecosystem and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for æternity!

We have picked two winners for the Dashboard Bounty. We are awarding first prize, 3000 AE tokens, to for the progress they have made on their dashboard during the time of the bounty.

Photo by Alex wong

For the æternity æpps and developer tools teams, our top priorities are the user and developer experiences. And in the case of developer tools, our users are also developers.

After the release of the Roma network, our focus is not only on optimizing, monitoring, and improving the æternity network, but also on growing the ecosystem in a number of ways. One of these ways is building tools which help everyone interact with the network.

The primary purpose of an æternity node is to maintain the chain and establish consensus with other nodes. But we also need to query the chain in ways which may not be so simple to answer. …

Photo by Joel Filipe

We are thrilled that the æternity blockchain is up and running. At the time of this blog post 8060 blocks have been mined, and we would like to provide the community with an update on æpps and the æpps ecosystem.

Storing Tokens Present & Near Future

At present, AE tokens can be stored in the Base æpp (mobile only), as well as in the AirGap Vault mobile application. Send transactions can be conducted through both. For maximum security, we recommend people store large amounts of AE only on the AirGap Vault app. It can be synced with the AirGap Wallet which will allow the initiation of secure spend transactions. We are currently working on the Ledger Live æternity app, which will let users store their tokens on their Ledger devices.

We updated æ, our decentralized æpps ecosystem destination, to reflect the current state of the æpps…

We are happy to announce the winners of our t-shirt contest. We were overwhelmed by the creativity & amount of entries submitted by everyone who participated in our contest. It was very difficult to choose the best entries. After much deliberation, we decided to go with the following:

1st: Shaun Preece [12 500 AE Token]

2nd: Guillermo Basante [7 500 AE Token]

3rd: Joseph Annuzzi [3 750 AE Token]

4th: Guillermo Basante [1 250 AE Token]

1st: Shaun Preece

Stoyan Vasilev

Product design (anti) patterns from the cryptosphere.

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