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CTO & co-founder of Willa.

You know how to code, craft products and launch them. But you’re out of ideas! Here is how programmers find startup ideas.

No matter if you’re a digital marketer, data analyst or growth hacker — getting data from an API is a super-power. This is how you can get data from an API without being a developer or knowing programming.

  1. What an API is and get the necessary information to use it
  2. How to access an API using an API key
  3. How to retrieve data from an API
  4. How to work with JSON data
  5. How to convert…

Aim high — link tracking is not rocket science.

Understanding link tracking is essential knowledge in digital marketing. Still, when talking to digital marketers, I notice a lot of confusion and missed opportunities for insights. That’s why I decided to write this in-depth guide to link tracking.

Essential building blocks for marketing automation and growth hacking.

To be a successful growth hacker, or a marketer in the digital world, you need to be tech-savvy. Learn how to leverage the power of APIs for without programming. This is how you automate link tracking using the Bitly API.

Is it a good idea?

In the last week of April 2015, Instagram added support for using emoji characters in hashtags. Shortly after that, the 🍆-hashtag was banned. Apparently, there was more to the eggplant than tomato, cheese, and recipes… Let’s see what the data tells us about emoji hashtags today!

Where did they come from?

What do dogs and beards have in common? The same filter! And do you know which filter is the least likely to be used in Venezuela?

Which filters are the most popular? Do larger accounts use them as much? And does the hashtag #nofilter actually mean no filter was used…?

Stefan Pettersson

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