tl;dr I’m leaving a note for my future kids, in case they discover my internet presence decades from now

What if this post still existed like 10–20 years from now and that (assuming I have a family) my future kids will one day stumble across my tidbits? Especially with the Internet becoming so necessary in our lives, I really don’t think this is that far-fetched of an idea, right?

That being said, I’m pretty sure they’d want to know what I was like when I was younger and that they’d stalk me after discovering this “new source of exclusive information” about their mom. Just in case this legit happens, I want to be prepared….

“But how can you prepare for something like this, Steph??”

I honestly have no clue…But at the very least, I’m writing these future kids of mine a note to discover.

Hey kids! As much as I’d like to call you all by name, I haven’t named any of you yet ‪#‎sorrynotsorry‬. Just to paint a picture, it’s the summer of 2016 and I’m working for a NYC nonprofit and volunteering for a rural development organization! I’m 25 years old.

I hope you’re enjoying all the crazy and weird stuff I posted on the internet from years ago! Even though you might have thought that you had the upper hand on your mom, know that I already saw this coming and am already one step ahead of you! Bwhahaha!

In all seriousness, if you come across this message one day, PLEASE TELL ME! I won’t be mad at all. If you tell me you saw this and show it to me, I’ll give you a surprise. It’ll be something super cool, I promise! I don’t know what it is yet, since I have no idea what the future will be like, but know that I’ll think of something by the time you read this.

Anyway, I have to go to sleep now, but know that I love you all, even years before I’ve met you. Work hard in life and always be kind to people.

- Your mom (before she was a mom)

P.S. Clean your room.

And there you have it! Now my kids will know I saw this coming miles away. Fingers crossed I randomly get to hear about this one day, years after 2016…I love weird time capsule kind of things.

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