The Sound of Distant Thunder

Love, it booms so loudly in my ears
Like Summer thunder that tells of coming rain
The dry Earth waits

This Earth aches
Its’ seedlings reach towards the sky
Filled with life
Ready to bloom
Waiting for the cool rain
Beauty now weak from the long drought

Let the waters come
Bringing new life
Let the waters come
Bringing new growth
Let the waters come
Renewal of Spring, the bloom of love
The nurturing flood will wash this arid land

But, the storm, it passes so quickly
The thunder still loud in my ears
I hear it
I feel it 
The arid land waits
But, the rain does not come

I awaken now, in the middle of the night
The first thing I think is that I can still hear that thunder
So far away now, I strain to listen
There, do you hear it?

Is that the sound of distant thunder
Or just the beating of a lonely heart

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