Web developer evolution

HTML developer is a person which makes static HTML pages enhanced with CSS styles.

HTML developer can evolve in next four basic forms:

A) Designer (UI/UX developer) — a person who makes not just layout, but layout split to pages, with basic interaction and basic UI logic like ‘display validation message after button click if text input is empty’.

Designer uses frameworks like Bootstrap CSS/JS to avoid need to go deep into scripting details and still be able to deliver UX vision.

Designers are dependent on business analysts (BA), because BA limits their creativity, which can get out of control.

Keep in mind that UX developers which do not work with HTML are out of scope of this article, because they do not produce a code — they are more close to a BA.

B) Frontend developer — one who is professional with javascript itself, javascript frameworks like jquery or angular, and knows how to develop large projects with javascript (i.e. knows how gulp or webpack script processing works).

Today term “Frontend developer” is mostly used for developers which use single-page-application frameworks like AngularJS. This guys are dependent from backend developers, and bad backend can affect their performance much.

C) Fullstack developer — a person who may be not so good with frontend javascript — may use deprecated patterns, or not new stuff like ES6 or so, but this guy (girl) can work for two — make backend AND frontend.

Just keep in mind that the backend will be still not so good as if made by professional NodeJS developer. This guys are good for start-ups with limited budget to make a not very performant proof-of-concept of particularly simple web site with REST API and database.

D) Pro HTML developer — one who can make HTML/CSS miracles, but not so good in scripting or UX concepts. A rare kind today, because HTML evolved today to state where you don’t need to be pro to write a good quality page. Was good at days when we had to support a breed of retarded browsers like IE6.

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