This made me chuckle because what I am really tired of are all the Karens that visit or move to Europe and then rave about how great it is over there.

Karen: Oh, life is so simple in Italy!
Well, they are about to get a far right government because Italians don’t enjoy their 0% economic growth as much as you, Karen. Ask non-White people in Italy how much they enjoy the thought of that.

Karen: Oh I can breastfeed in public in Germany!
Ok, that’s great. Do you also like that mothers in Germany get massively shamed when they do anything else, such as work within the first 3 years after the birth of a baby? Why did you think all those benefits for mothers really exist? They are incentives to get women out of the job market. Well, if you inherited or your husband is rich you can stay at home anyway. Immigrant, non-White mothers will have to work and get shamed anyway.

Karen: Oh, European health care is so great!
Yah it’s great for you, Karen! Because you’re White and healthy. A governmentally subsidized system means you’ll get in looong wait lines when you’re not. A friend of mine had the most aggressive form of breast cancer. She needed a cardiologist to sign off on her life-saving surgery. Minimum wait time for seeing a cardiologist: 3 months. Unless Karen happens to know someone who knows someone…

The reality is that Europe is great only for Karens. Lots of benefits for White people. That’s what the systems over there are designed for. Look up stats about experience of racism and upward mobility for non-White people in European countries and you’ll know what I mean.

But in the meantime, Karen, enjoy your cappuccino.


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