My working year in short:
On May 15, I opened my studio and opened haisekdesign, after a working experience of 5 ½ years as a web designer at Gonnelli & Associati. Choice was fought to abandon a stable job to launch me into a new adventure where the only prospect was to broaden their horizons of expertise, network of collaborators and learning.
Supported by the vision and the experience of my colleagues, I had the pleasure of listening to ‘Awwwards conference in Barcelona, ​​including in particular that of Tobias van Schneider, I have made it clear that we all have the ability to show our full potential starting from our passions.
This made me realize the importance of side projects that is, those ideas that are born without a purpose of business, but for the simple fact that we want to achieve them.
The vision of HAISEKdesign believes in keeping alive a range of skills, not necessarily having to specialize in a particular field of technology, but to maintain a high level of knowledge on multiple fields.
I am increasingly convinced that in a world hyper specialized accounts very attitude more than the capacity.
Meaning of Attitude: Preparing for a particular mental or physical activity SIN. vocation, inclination, talent.
We’ll see!!
2016 good friends!

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