SmartHoldem Decentralized Gaming Platform & Poker Room on BlockChain

SmartHoldem SmartHoldem is an independent, zoomed gaming platform with a set of protocols to ensure the integrity and reliability of data storage, where all network members do not need to trust each other or anyone. 
The platform is secured by a reliable distributed database with the latest encryption and data verification technologies without disclosing their identity.

The SmartHoldem platform is designed to meet the basic requirements of the Poker-Rooms industry, 
and is a universal solution, suitable for both the financial sector and general applications. SmartHoldem features provide solutions that are not available in most blockchains.

The purpose of SmartHoldem: is to create a guaranteed honesty, transparent and qualitatively new format of Poker-Room and related segments, to introduce progressive technologies of data exchange in the internet.

The project is for qualitatively new and guaranteed honesty games between players in Poker without the intervention of a third party. — official website of the platform