Do You Make These Copywriting Mistakes?

I’m not the type to ever openly mock someone.

But this guy must be a real piece of work.

You may have come across him before — I know I have in another arena and I remember thinking the same thing then, too.

A real piece of work.

I mean, how would you describe someone who says he’s arguably the #1 copywriter in the world…

…when almost nobody knows who he is…

When he hasn’t been trained by any of the world-class copywriters out there…

When he hasn’t worked for any of the major direct response companies…

When he hasn’t even competed at the highest level?

YES, he has clients.

YES, he’s probably done right by them and earned them a tidy profit on his copywriting services.

In fact, I’ll go as far as saying:

YES, he’s probably made a fair few of them rich.

But a lot of a copywriter’s success can sometimes fall back to something I heard from Gary Bencivenga:

“A gifted product is mightier than a gifted pen”

And it’s true.

Mediocre copywriters can find success at the end of a really great product.

But that does NOT put you in the realm of being the best copywriter in the world

Not when you have the likes of Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy and John Carlton still churning out 7-figure masterpieces several times a year.

Not when you have Parris Lampropolous, Carline Anglade-Cole and David Deustch pushing out promotion after promotion for the big direct response companies like Agora Financial and Boardroom.

And definitely not when you have a raft of other super high-level copywriters like:

…who would all wipe the floor with most of us if we were ever unlucky enough to be put head-to-head.

And the fact he puts himself ABOVE all of them tells me he’s either incredibly ballsy … or just plain ol’ stupid.

Whichever it is, I know one thing for certain:

By calling himself the best copywriter in the world…

He’s ironically PROVED that he isn’t.

In fact, he’s proved he’s far from it!


Because he’s broken AT LEAST two fundamental rules of world-class copywriting…

Broken Rule #1 — You need to prove every claim you ever make, beyond a shadow of a doubt

Whether it’s about you, your business, your product, your service, your benefits, your features, your price, scarcity, urgency, refund terms, and on, and on, and on…

No matter what it’s about — you need to be able to back it ALL up.

And when you go around saying you’re the greatest in the world at ANYTHING —with NO proof to back it up — you’re falling flat on your face at the first hurdle.

It boils down to this:

No proof = No belief in your claim = Your prospects go running for the hills.

You see, everyone is getting more and more sceptical of any sales message … any claim … any promise.

And to all of those sceptical people … he’s just another liar.

Another person who they can roll their eyes at and say, “Yeah, sure you are buddy.”

Before the ball has even started rolling, he’s lost all his momentum because he’s lost their trust.

So why does he still have clients?

Well, that’s something he can answer … but I can only guess at.

It could be that he was in the right place at the right time to get his first few … from there it’s fairly easy to bag smaller businesses and entrepreneurs.

It could be that he’s attracting all the businesses and marketing managers who like blatant, unproven, bragging about what they have done and what they can do for you.

Which dovetails perfectly into my next point.

Broken Rule #2: Don’t brag about yourself

I don’t know if he listened to a Dan Kennedy seminar and took it a little too literally when Dan says to be shameless with your self-promotion.

But I’m certain Dan didn’t mean you should “make stuff up” about how good you are.

When you think about it, this one isn’t hard to grasp because we’ve all experienced a “bragger”.

And for most of us, listening to bragging leaves us somewhere between outright irritation … mind-numbing boredom … and eye-rolling scepticism.

Worse, it can sometimes extinguish any respect — no matter if it was online or in person.

So, it’s kind of obvious to see that EVEN IF you had evidence to back up your claim of being “the best copywriter in the world”…

It’s STILL bragging.

Here’s how the world-class copywriters handle this when they DO have the proof to back it up:

Look at any of the top pros on the list above and you’ll find things like:

  • David Deustch: “I’m frequently referred to as one of the top direct response marketing consultants and copywriters in the country.”
  • Clayton Makepeace: “Widely known as America’s Highest-Paid Copywriter.”
  • Dan Kennedy: “Commonly recognized as the Millionaire-Maker.”

You see the difference?

They ARE at the tippety-top of the game … they ARE the world’s top copywriters … and they STILL don’t brag … even when they can!

The trick is to “brag without bragging” by using high quality testimonials, case studies, facts, figures and more.

Think about it:

If someone else says something good about you, talking about your accomplishments, your skill, your product, whatever— you just come out looking like a rockstar.

Here’s an example:

I could say this about myself…

I write the kind of bullets that hit prospects right on their hot buttons … shuttle them towards the close … and tip them over the “buy” threshold at warp speed.

And sure … it sounds pretty good.


A lot of prospects won’t get past the fact that ANYONE can say that.

You might have never written a bullet in your life and you could still say it — because YOU are the one saying it.

You might not know the difference between:

  • Blind bullets
  • Giveaway bullets
  • Expansion bullets
  • Compressed bullets
  • Sub-head bullets
  • 90/10 bullets
  • Curiosity bullets
  • Straight benefit bullets
  • Plus all the others…

…and you might not know the fact you can combine those last two — curiosity and benefit — for extra impact! In fact, it’s John Carlton’s 1–2 punch!

But you can still say everything I did about writing awesome bullets, because there’s no proof involved.


Compare that to this:

“Dan writes outstanding bullets and fascinations that tease prospects and create an almost insatiable curiosity. Plus, he knows exactly how to push for the sale using all the response-boosting elements you need to drive BIG profits in your business.”
J Holland, AWAI Copywriter, Reviewer and Ex-Copy-Cub to Mark Ford.

The fact it’s a real testimonial, written by a credible source — someone you can trust — makes it all the more powerful.

And because I didn’t say it about myself… I dodge the deadly trap of looking arrogant.

If you truly want your sales message to succeed … whether you’re a copywriter or a business owner … you MUST obey those rules at all times.

DON’T make wild claims about how your prospect will get rich within 24 hours if he just buys your course — unless it’s true and you can prove it.

DON’T tell people you own the best restaurant in the world — unless you have awards, celebrity testimonials or hundreds of thousands of rave reviews.

DON’T tell people your supplement cures cancer — unless you have the science to back it up, and the research to show it all as plain as day.

Be honest.

That’s all there is to it.

Till next time,

Dan Mallon

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