#StickerLife Interview: The Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast Stickers

Interviewee: Jen Costillo (@RebelbotJen) [1]
Sticker: Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast [2]
Artist: Jen Costillo (@RebelbotJen) [1]
Printer: Sticker Mule [3]
# of stickers printed to date: 1300
Distributed at: SuperCon, Toorcamp, etc.

Today’s sticker is the ‘Unnamed Reverse Engineering (UNRE) Podcast’ [2] Sticker.

Current Unnamed Reverse Engineering podcast sticker.

This sticker was created in 2018 as part of the rebranded marketing material for Jen Costillo[1] and Alvaro Prieto’s [4] podcast: The Unnamed Reverse Engineering (UNRE) Podcast [2]. The Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast is a hardware reverse engineering podcast where guests for each episode discuss projects that they have worked on. Jen and Alvaro took inspiration for the podcast’s name from the many examples of unnamed/untitled projects that are successful and sustained, one such example project is Adam Savage’s podcast “Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project” [5]. Jen also notes that depending on how you reduce the name of the podcast you get “U n’ RE” which is the overall idea of the podcast: it is a tool for anyone to learn about reverse engineering.

The design and artwork for the updated UNRE sticker was done by Jen Costillo using Photoshop and a font from freefonts.com. Jen chose the font used for the sticker because it resembled circuitry and fit with the hardware focus of the podcast. The font itself was designed by the company Cloutierfontes [6], and Jen and Alvaro paid ~$17USD for the commercial license. For the rest of the UNRE sticker design, Jen drew inspiration from Meat Beat Manifesto’s [7] ‘RUOK?’ [8] album artwork.

Meat Beat Manifesto’s RUOK? album cover.

Once completed, the sticker was reviewed by Jen and Alvaro before they ordered 300 stickers at Sticker Mule [3] for the original run. So far, Jen and Alvaro have ordered a total of 1300 copies of this sticker.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


The original branding for the Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast was created by Alvaro Prieto using GIMP. Alvaro designed this image because iTunes/Apple Podcasts required a photo before allowing the podcast to be published on their platform. This design was in use for approximately half a year and only 100 stickers of this design were printed and distributed making these stickers a rare find.

The first Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast sticker.

[1] Jen Costillo: https://twitter.com/RebelbotJen
[2] Unnamed Reverse Engineering Podcast: https://unnamedre.com/
[3] Sticker Mule: https://www.stickermule.com/
[4] Alvaro Prieto: https://twitter.com/alvaroprieto
[5] Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project: https://www.tested.com/still-untitled-the-adam-savage-project/
[6] Cloutierfontes: https://cloutierfontes.ca/
[7] Meat Beat Manifesto: http://meatbeatmanifesto.com/
[8] Meat Beat Manifesto RUOK? album: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RUOK%3F

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