Kontra.js v7 was released a few weeks ago. With it brings a host of new functionality and components as well as a new way to reduce the overall file size.

For a complete list of changes, see the v7 release notes.

TypeScript Support

One of the new features this release is TypeScript support. I was surprised last year by how many users wanted to use Kontra.js with TypeScript so I made sure to include support for it.

New Functionality

The Sprite component got a few new features this version. The biggest one is group support, allowing you to add children to other Sprites and have them update and render as a single unit. @madmarcel already took it for a test drive and built a sweet scene of a Mega Man style dragon boss where each body part was its own sprite with a single parent. …

While working on axe-core, an accessibility testing library, we ran into an interesting problem. We needed to be able to detect when a string of text had been replaced by a ligature icon.

A ligature icon is a special type of ligature where instead of a combination of letters it displays an icon. For example, a ligature icon for the word “file” would replace the word with an icon of a file. Examples of a ligature icon fonts include Material Icon, Ligature Symbols, and Symbolset.

The problem with ligature icons is that there is no easy way to detect when a font uses ligatures and what words are associated with ligature icons. …

Every year at the end of the Js13kGames competition, participants are encouraged to write a postmortem about their experience making a small game in one month. This year I too was encouraged to write a postmortem. But not about making a game, but about Kontra.js and my experience writing and maintaining a Js13kGames game library.

Image for post
Image for post

Where it All Began

Back in 2015, after a few years of learning how to create JS games, I decided I was tired of copying the same code into every new game. The year before I had entered my first game for Js13kGames and noticed that there weren’t any game libraries that would fit in such a small file size limit. …


Steven Lambert

Web developer, HTML5 game developer, JavaScript enthusiast. Creator of the kontra.js game mirco-library https://github.com/straker/kontra

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