The way Kanban enabled us to preserve flexibility and velocity in the product development process

It’s no secret we like it agile. Delivering parts of the product in small batches instead of the entire product at once is ideal for the production team, the client and the user.

Like many teams do when they want to embrace agile, we tried running scrum — today’s most renown agile framework. But we felt like the process dragged us down a little bit and messed around with the planning and quality of delivery. We totally see scrum work out in product teams that lock themselves up in a war room for 40 hours a week. But we’re a…

How we get from idea to product

As a designer you need to get your process straight. And we’re gonna be real honest with you. We needed some time to get ours on the right track. We took some nasty humps to get where we are today and we know we ain’t there just yet. As we see it, our process never stops evolving. Fellow designers show us new methods everyday, we try new things that turn out really well and sometimes we try new things that turn out just bad. Our process grows nonetheless and we love that.

We also love to share. Let’s give you…

Working towards the perfect product as an agency

We’re doing what we love. We work for several startups and we get the chance to work on awesome products. We also have the luxury to iterate on our designs on a weekly basis, because we’re collaborating on the long-term. Life is good, you might think. Well, life was good for a while, but not so long ago we realized something troublesome.

In a pitch, where we were competing with other agencies and freelancers, the prospect asked: “Why should I hire you and not get somebody in-house?” It doesn’t happen very often, but we were lost for words honestly. Back…

What we’ve learned from our first 6 months

When we graduated from our Communication & Multimedia Design Bachelor, the always pressing question ‘What’s next?’ was suddenly at our doorstep. We both had this little dream to start our own agency, to make our own choices and to be independent designers. After a few weeks we decided to just go for it since we’re still young and, hate to say it, living on our parents’ money.

It has been six months since then and things are going well. We suffered from mistakes, we’ve learned too many things to tell and we’re still enjoying every minute of this adventure.



We’re a design agency creating meaningful digital products and interactive experiences that work.

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