Darkness and the Girl

She lay still on the cold hardwood floor listening to the harsh rain drum against her window. Surrounded by nothing but darkness she looked up at her ceiling, which was now a sea of black. Though cold and alone, she felt safer here. She was with the only person and thing she felt she could trust, herself and the darkness. She had never let herself down; she had never filled herself with false hope. It was the outsiders that she allowed into her life that did such things, taking her love and kindness for granted. They took turns weakening her soul and with time she grew weary and fearful of others. They lacked consistency, honesty, and consideration but she was certain she could rely on herself.

She also found this reliability within the darkness. The darkness was never changing. It crawled up her skin slowly then pierced through her chest like a slick icy blade every day. It clung to her lungs and tightened its grip with every breath she took, suffocating her until all went numb. Darkness haunted her relentlessly, each time she closed her eyes it replayed her most painful memories. There was once a time where she hated the darkness and tried running away every chance she could. But she never made it far. And soon she realized there was no hiding from the darkness, it filled all realms of her existence. Soon she became comfortable with the darkness, it surround her like a thick blanket. She became appreciative of its consistency; its grasp was sharp but also familiar. She fell into its coziness and they became one, wrapped in each other’s woes like a wailing wave crashing against rocky sands. She now a part of the darkness and it now a part of her.