10 Reading Superstitions of Book Fanatics

Photo by John Silliman

It’s Friday the 13th and we aren’t taking any chances! There are a lot of superstitions surrounding this most unlucky of days. Horror movies are based around it, buildings skip floors because of it, and most widely believe this is a day that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. So mind these bookish superstitions, and keep your collection safe from the ill-fated!

  1. You Must Finish What You Start

While some give themselves a 25 to 50 page buffer to either love it or leave it, most book lovers feel bound to complete any book or series they begin. This is true even if you don’t love the story. #Completionist

2. NEVER “Dog-Ear” Pages

What are we, barbarians?!? The books could retaliate for such mistreatment. Use a bookmark, geesh.

3. If You Are Looking For a Specific Book, You Will Find 5 Others You Want First

Determined as you may be, it is near impossible to go to any bookstore and only buy the one title you went in search of. Similar phenomenons occur during shoe shopping, selecting a doughnut and buying groceries while hungry.

4. If You Walk Past a Bookstore, You Must Enter

It’s just bad juju! If for some reason, you are in too much of a rush and can’t stop in the moment, mentally make a note to return the next day.

5. Always Carry A Second Book

Because if you don’t take a second book with you, you will certainly finish the book you are currently reading and be left with nothing to read but subway ads.

6. Lucky Number 13

Many readers will never start or stop reading on page 13 or chapter 13 of a book. Additionally, many authors will go out of their way in editing to avoid a 13 page chapter.

7. Don’t Break the Spine

Respect your books. Don’t you know that every time a book’s spine is broken, a fairy dies? And we aren’t sure if any amount of clapping will ever bring it back.

8. If a Black Cat Crosses Your Path, Pet It

Everyone knows if a black cat crosses your path in a bookstore it’s GOOD luck and you are about to find the book of your dreams. So pet that good bookstore kitty to keep the good vibes coming.

9. Books Have Feelings

If you accidentally drop your book, start a book but don’t finish it, or buy a book but don’t read it for a year, you definitely worry that you’re making the book feel bad. “It’s not you, book, it’s me!”

10. You Cannot Read The Last Page First

What are you even doing? This is a major spoiler that more often than not will leave you feeling more confused than informed.

Have you noticed other superstitions we haven’t mentioned? Share them in the comments!