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The original obama guidance was a bad law. Title 9 says nothing about ‘gender identity’ or ‘transgender/transsexual’, so it shouldn’t be applied. If you want to change that, go to congress and state legislatures. Also to my knowledge there are no laws that have people in bathrooms checking to see if you’re a man or woman. Here’s a solution: go to the bathroom you’re used to, and as long as you’re not drawing attention to the situation or making a scene, most people won’t know the difference. I think that schools are a separate thing, because the original law was so vague that many had problems with male students abusing the new law to harass females. A group of female high school students in Minnesota had to deal with a male student who would sexually harass them in locker rooms & the bathroom, and the school did everything they could to give them a separate space, but this guy would just go to the new space. I am a female and if I were still that age I would NOT feel comfortable changing clothes, showering, using the toilet, or doing other personal activities with a guy present, trans or not. Also the trans people who actually are demanding this are about 0.3% of the population. Why should the wants of 0.3% of the population usurp the rights, feelings, and beliefs of the other 98.7%?

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