The UK Might Leave the European Union. Here’s Why.
The Nib

As a disabled person, this vote terrifies me. I see the issues with the EU, and if there was a remotely credible possibility of a left-wing restructuring after an Exit, I wouldn’t be so worried. But there are four more years of a Tory government which is hell-bent on dismantling the public services and rights marginalised populations need. All the contenders for leader once Cameron’s pushed out are infinitely worse than he is (somehow).

The idea that we are protected from TTIP by leaving would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so serious. The UK is the biggest cheerleader for it, Cameron’s said he’d ‘rocket-boost’ it, and the version that we would sign up to outside of the EU is a democratic nightmare.

If nothing else, the fact that a significant percentage of the Tories in positions of power want to also remove us from the ECHR should be the tipping point. The EU and the ECHR are not the same, but membership of the ECHR is a political condition of membership of the EU. If we leave the EU, there would no longer be anything stopping us from being taken out of the ECHR, with all the horror that would lead to. Anyone who thinks the Tories would create a set of rights which include fundamental human rights needs to take a long, hard look at their own cognitive biases.

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