Be nice for no reason

It has been almost 7 months since I came here. These seven months taught me some big fat lessons about life and gave some unexpected experiences.

As I’ve been uttering over and over again, leaving the loved ones was the hardest thing that I have ever done. I don’t wanna make it a boring essay, by saying the same thing. Therefore, the only thing I’m gonna say for now is, I really miss them all.

Being isolated among strangers for quite a long time made me dive in the thoughts from the past. When you’re surrounded by friends as I used to be and when there are people to have your back, no matter what, you don’t HAVE to be nice! At least not for everyone!! Instead, people will try to be nice to you. Looking back in the time, now I see that I’ve been quite popular among people. Wait. It doesn’t say that every single one loved me. But, trust me, the majority did!

Since I left the country, everything I see, every word I speak and everyone I meet are completely strangers. To be honest, I’ve been quite a talker back in my country. I was talkative enough to form a public speaking club and to preside it!!

The only reason was, I always had something to talk about. I’m not trying to say I was special. But deviating from other engineering students, I always had this passion about arts and literature. I’ve been a good reader and on the same time, a biker too. I could talk hours about politics, movies, sports, life and if you want, afterlife too!

But all of it disappeared like a magic. I don’t think I’m that bad in English, but I don’t feel comfortable with expressing my feelings in English as I did in my language. I could speak hours without stammering. But now I feel like I can’t express at least one single sentence without stammering.

However, for the good side. I met some awesome people who were really nice to me. They were kind enough to listen to my broken English which had a horrible accent which made them no sense. They might not know this, but their behavior taught me how important is it to be nice to others.

Life is a journey. We all are travelers. No matter how attached you are to your loved ones, there can be a point when you are gonna be isolated among strangers! Trust me when I say it’s the worst feeling that one could ever have. The only relief you could find in such a moment is someone, whom you can talk to. Someone who’d volunteer to help you, without expecting anything back. In brief, someone who’s nice to you for no reason!

Thinking back in time, now I feel like I could have been nicer to some people. I could have volunteered to help them without waiting for them to ask for it. Above all, I should have tried to understand before giving up on people. A millionaire wouldn’t give a damn about a dollar. But it might be all for him when there’s nothing else left.

I met one of the nicest people that you could ever meet, yet claimed himself to be socially awkward. I initially wanted to write an article about him, but he forced me not to. However Mr J, you taught me how important is it to be nice to someone and how cool is it to have a nice person around!

Learnerning from the mistakes, I decided to be nicer to others. What I realized from practicing it for sometime, it’s not hard to do and the impact that you’re gonna make on someone is gonna be huge. Which gives you an ultimate happiness after all!!

This might not change anything about my stranger status. For the worst case, I’d remain a stranger, but I’m trying to be nice, and that’s for no reason!! 🙂