Day 12: 1 acceptance, 1 rejection

Gil: It struck me yesterday that I haven’t had my back cracked in a long time. So I decided today that I’d try to make it happen… with a stranger and when I went out for my mid-day stroll down 17th street, I began looking for a back-cracker. The first person that walked by me didn’t look like they could pick me up with ease so I didn’t bother him. But behind him, there walked what looked like a real back-cracking-capable gentleman. He must’ve been about 6-foot-2 and sported great big sideburns. “Hey man, my back’s a little tight,” I stopped the man. “Any chance you can help me crack my back?” He looked down at me with a puzzled face for a few moments before answering with an apprehensive “sure.” This gentle giant walked behind me, wrapped his arms around me, lifted me up, and shook me up and down once or twice until a crack was felt. After dropping me, I thanked him and we kept walking our separate ways.

Will: After a long day of work, I realized that I had a holiday party to attend so I rushed out the door and got all dressy. Bow tie, suspenders… the whole 9 yards. I was about to enter when I realized that my ticket had a +1! I receded from the entrance and began walking around downtown Oakland to find a date. I finally came across a beautiful individual at a bar and asked her if she’d like to come. Music, an open bar, catering, poker, a chance to hang out with this fly guy… truly an amazing offer. I guess it sounded a little toooo good because she said, “Well that’s nice of you but I’ve got plans.” Her loss! 🎉