Day 43: One acceptance, one rejection

Will: On my way home from work, I stumbled across two weird looking urgs (an urg is a rowing machine) on the sidewalk with two people working out next to it. I went up to them and asked if I could join in. Hesitantly, they replied, “Um… yeah, sure.” They then told me that it was a dragon boat machine and then I got a lesson on how to row. They then told me that to join in on their workouts Tuesday nights at 6 PM. Money!!

Gil: Two miles into our 40+ mile bike ride today, we stopped at Raymond’s Bakery in the lovely town of Cazadero. There, Mark, the owner, gifted us 2 loaves of bread to take on our ride which we happily bit into at every snack break. At some point in the ride, a couple in a car stopped us and asked us if we knew how to get to Fort Ross Vineyard. We couldn’t really help them with directions but we could help them with carbs. I offered them a loaf of bread. They declined.