Day 44: Two rejections

Will: While on a run, I found a lady bringing in a bag of groceries to a church. She saw me coming and hesitated for a minute to let me pass. To her surprise, I stopped to ask her if she needed any help bringing them in. She paused for a second, looked at the half empty tiny little grocery bag she was holding before saying, “Uhh, no thanks.” I could have used the exercise lady!

Gil: I was on my way down to Sunnyvale on Caltrain when a trespasser was hit by the train ahead of us near Redwood City. Our train stopped at Hayward Park Station while the crime scene was cleaned up. I decided to go over to a nearby Starbucks to grab a coffee. While I was locking up my bike, a homeless lady stopped me and asked me If I’d crush some soda cans for her for 5 bucks. I told her I’d be happy to crush the cans for free. Her name was Brenda and she teed up these cans — 2 to 3 at a time — and have me step on them. We must’ve crushed around 300 cans. They were all Pepsi. I tried to give her a hug before we parted ways. “I don’t feel comfortable doing that,” she said as she put her right hand forward for a handshake.


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