Day 45: Two acceptances

Will: I got into the front seat of a lyft line on my way home to find a couple canoodling in back. They were flirting with each other saying things like, “You know I love it when you talk like that…” Being the newfound boner-killing passenger, I turned to the backseat and said, “I’ve got a strange request to make…” The girl in the back hesitantly replied, “Go ahead…” “Can you describe to me how you guys met? Was it through online dating?” I asked. “We met at a bar through mutual friends… what makes you think we met online?” I said, “Uhh, no reason! Just your mannerisms I guess.”

Gil: I went to my first rap concert last night. Near the entrance, this lady was selling D.R.A.M. shirts and had around 20 chicken wings next to her. “Can I have one of those?” I asked her while pointing at the plate. “Sure,” she responded.

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