Day 46: One acceptance, one rejection

Will: On my way home from yoga, I saw a gentleman carrying a huuuuge box over towards Bill Graham convention center. It appeared as if he was struggling quite a bit so I went up to him and asked, “Do you need help with that?” The closer I got, the more I realized that the gentleman was most likely homeless and was carrying the bulk of his belongings. He said, “Nah man, i’m alright.” I double checked with him by saying, “You sure?” He quickly replied, yes.

Gil: I ran up to Twin Peaks tonight and at the top I encountered these two ladies who were taking some provocative photos. “This is quite the photoshoot y’all got going on here,” I told them. One of them was real drunk and told me that she was visiting her friend (the other of the 2) and that they had met at a Girl Scout camp where they had gone down on each other. I asked them if I could take a selfie with them. The less drunk one responded with a cautious and long “sure.”

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