Day 47: Two rejections

Will: I hopped in an Uber with my roommate and her girlfriend on the way to a show and met a really cool driver. He was a middle aged Malaysian man who was enjoying joking around with us. Unfortunately, my roommate was late to her appointment and the driver was literally going 20 mph on a major arteriole. In addition, he was pretty spooked by the police officers driving next to him which further hindered his driving. I said, “Hey buddy, if you want me to drive at any point, just let me know.” He laughed and about 5 minutes later, I reiterated the request, “Do you want me to drive for a bit?” “Sure!” He said while still driving. I said, “Cool, so feel free to pull over wherever and I’ll take over.” He looked at me without seeing the joking smile he had hoped for before saying, “Uhhh… maybe next time.” I was so close!!!

Gil: I noticed an unusually big crowd inside of Comix Experience tonight as I walked by and decided to go in to check what was going on inside. There was some exhibit featuring some rad raunchy art. After perusing the art, I heard a couple laughing while huddled around a comic book. I interrupted them and asked if they could read it out loud to me. They ignored me and continued reading to themselves in silence.

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