Day 49: Two rejections

Will: While shopping at my local co-op, I found a person giving out samples for her delicious homemade savory pies. After finding out a little about her product, she told me to snag a few more samples as she was about to pack up and leave. I asked her if she needed any help loading the setup into her vehicle. She gave me a double take as if some part of her mind thought I was hitting on her and the other part thought I was being genuinely nice. She eventually said, “Well I need to pull the car around the corner etc. but thanks anyway!”

Gil: While on a run through the panhandle, I saw this toddler riding a bike that looked like a miniature motorcycle on the grass. These two ladies behind me saw the same thing and I overheard them comment about how cool the bike looked. I turned around and asked if I could get a picture of them next to the bike. They chuckled and ignored me.

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