Day 50: One rejection, One acceptance

Will: I was waiting for the train when I noticed that there were a few police cars blocking the path of the N train a block ahead of my stop. I mustered up the courage to talk to hem (as I had been drinking) and said, “Hey guys, the train is coming in a few minutes and I was wondering if you could move your car 😐?” The cop eyed me up and down before saying, “Alright.” I said thanks and got on the train that arrived sooner than later and waited with the other passengers for him to eventually move it. While he definitely procrastinated, I call it a win in my book.

Gil: On my way back from the T-Mobile store, I popped into Books Inc. on Van Ness to check it out since I’d never been before. While I stood there checking out a few books, an older gentleman came near me and commented about how there were multiple books about the new sharing economy. I laughed and turned to him, pulled a quarter out of my pocket and asked, “Can I get a sip of your coffee for 25 cents?” “I need every last drop of this stuff,” he responded. I got good smile out of this guy but nothing out of his cup of Philz.

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