Day 52: Two acceptances

Will: At my local convenience store, I found a couple of cans of mixers which when being rung up turned out to be $3. I looked in my wallet to find out I did not have any cash remaining so I offered the clerk my credit card. He said, “Sorry, you need $5 purchase. Go find other thing.” I didn’t feel like finding another item to purchase so I said, “Well, can I pay you back later?” He hesitated for a few seconds before yelling at another employee (who I thought to be his wife) in Mandarin. She responded positively in the dialect and eventually the clerk said, “OK, you pay next time. But don’t forget!” I sure won’t.

Gil: In front of my stuff on the conveyor belt at Safeway was a bottle of wine and an open pack of gum. I turned to the lady whose items it was and asked if I could have a piece of gum. She happily shared some with me and even offered some to the friends I was with!

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