Day 53: Two acceptances

Will: After November Project, I was waiting in line at a cafe for some breakfast. There happened to be an adorable 16 month baby girl wrapped in a furry onesie who was waiting in line for dad to get his morning caffeination on. After chatting in baby lingo with the nugget for a few minutes, I asked the dad her name and if I could take a picture with her. He laughed and said, “Sydney and why not.” Voila:

Gil: At around 10pm I realized I hadn’t really eaten dinner yet and decided to go pick up some dinner along with the some food for tomorrow. When I entered the fruit section of Safeway, I saw that the bananas were getting restocked. I asked the banana stocker if he could just throw me some into my bag which was about 15 feet away. He loved it and tossed away.

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