Day 54: One rejection, one acceptance

Will: While biking back home, I found an attractive girl alone on her phone smoking a cigarette outside a bar. I parked my bike a few yards away, mustered up my courage, then walked up to her. I said, “Hey there, I’ve got a strange question to ask you…” With a smile she replied, “Go ahead.” I looked her right in the eyes before saying, “How do you feel about kissing a complete stranger?” A large grin came across her face and without batting an eye, she said, “In theory, i’m all for it. In practice, I think my boyfriend would not appreciate me making out with else.” I chuckled before saying, “Just thought i’d ask... Thanks!!” and walked away. Damn that was a rush 😅

Gil: I saw this couple playing an interesting board game at Bean Bag cafe. It looked like a unique version of chess. I asked them if I could play the next game and they said told me to take a seat and start playing right away! The game was called Ash-tao and the pieces and the game were invented by Mercury — the same guy who told me to take a seat. Maybe it was beginners luck but I did manage to win my first game!

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