Storms are brewing in Varkala. I’m always amazed at how our lives seem to mirror changes in the atmosphere: how moods change with the movement of particles; how pressure builds in the air and then seeps into our minds, our bodies, our hearts. The tidal pull of emotions which can be as strong as the currents – the rips which take us without our consent, yet there are times we need to stop struggling against them and surrender to their power.

Sometimes strength is about knowing how to bow out of a fight – about knowing what is worth fighting for.

That energy we expend controlling our minds, our human urges, our inhales and exhales, our consumption, our beliefs, our fears, our passions, our obsessions, our loves and our lives… it could all be conserved for when a bigger wave hits.

Things always end up the way they are supposed to, even if you can’t see it straight away. Sad endings transform our lives and flip our perspectives; happier fates can lead to exquisite loss or total appreciation.

We are all part of this binary – this broken circle. And perhaps it’s not our job to join it up. It’s just for us to keep pushing the boulder up the hill and join Sisyphus at the top, take a breath and look over our many little kingdoms, safe in the knowledge that we are all part of it – and all so deeply in it.

r y x – s w e a t 〰

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