You know not your own history.
Shachar Haad

I’m a little unsure as to your point, as on one hand you mention political machinations in the cold war, and then you mention interpersonal issues today — as though there was no in between. But I think I have the gist:

You are suggesting that, because the Democratic party suggested that the Republican party during the cold war (the party who gave us such gems as McCarthyism) was dangerous to America… no conservative has ever done anything cruel or insulting to any assumed-liberal demographic in the following years, and everything that looks like actual personal grievances is actually a well-orchestrated series of lies crafted by the democratic party.

Let me know if I missed anything. Assuming I didn’t:

That’s… a little far fetched. And not just because I can tell you that my own personal grievances with conservatives as a group do not come from the fact that Democrats told me they’re evil, but instead come from the fact that I have actually personally experienced everything I’m talking about over ~30 years of living in a conservative state.

Also: thank you for filling out my “offended conservative” bingo card for today, but I have to ask:

Unlike you, I don’t believe you to be bigoted or malicious

What gives you the idea that I think you’re a bigot or malicious? I haven’t claimed to know anything about you — not like I’m the one trying to claim what you’ve lived was merely shoved down your throat.