“ I find it hard to believe that it uses no design patterns, no established norms, and no common…
Jim Balter

Not at all. Let me break down the point:

To be frank, you did imply it. In order for there to be no way or reason for a coder to either desire or be able to write less code in a given project is if everything about that project requires all new designs. If not, you could use preexisting ones, and even devise a way to use these components without coding them (or at least not coding them as much).

I’d assumed that since you brought up COBOL’s market share and your own work as an example as to why “roll-your-own” was the way to go, it must be because you were suggesting that preexisting designs didn’t work in those situations — something I have a hard time believing — because otherwise, people could (and should) use preexisting designs, and abstract/automate their implementation if they so chose.

Of course, if that wasn’t your point, I confess I don’t really know why you brought up those two cases. If I’m incorrect I’d like to hear more about that, but I can certainly see how having a conversation is harder than insulting me, so you do you, I suppose.

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