False. Conservatives didn’t say those things.
John the TIB

Of course they do. I’ll give you an example:

When a gay man wants to marry his partner of 20 years, and conservatives immediately work to prevent that from ever happening, it’s reasonable to assume they think something is wrong with those two gay men.

If you ask one of those conservatives directly, however, they will cite “family values” and “the need for stability”

At this point, they have absolutely said those two men are inferior, compared to those who are straight. A marriage between straight people, it would seem, will always be stable, and will always have a strong core of family values. A marriage between gay people however, will not, they say — by the simple fact of who is involved.

In effect, they have taken two partners, and their partnership, and said it is beneath their standards.

And they say this in person, in how they deal with family and friends, in legislation, in the way they do their jobs, in the way they sometimes do not do their jobs, and so on.

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