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Strapline is a vlog (video blog) for people who do not want to sound like a chump who falls for questionable information surrounding our digital life.

A bunch of us from Journalism & Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong have gotten tricked by misinformation so many times in the past; and so, we decided to share what we have learned the hard way.

Here are our brief profiles to tell you who we are:

AJ Libunao: The Host

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AJ stands for 1) Air Jordan, b) America Japan, c) Angelina Jolie, d) Apple Juice, e) Acid Jazz, or f) American Joke

Blood Type: LOL (and it tastes good)
Horoscope: Aquarius (yes, the sports drink from Japan)
Chinese Zodiac: Monkey King
Favorite Quote: “Sure… sure, sure, sure” originally by Masato but now AJ owns it. …

  • Is your talent in social media campaign skills underused at your current job?
  • Do you care about journalism and wonder why people fall for “fake news”
  • Are you passionate about media education across Asia?

If so, we want you! And yes, we always make fun of each other and get paid for that. Isn’t that sweet?

Job Title: Executive Assistant (at the rank of Clerk II) in the Journalism and Media Studies Centre (Ref.: 497164) (to commence from as soon as possible, on one-year, with the possibility of renewal)

The Strapline executive assistant will take care of administrative matters and serve as a social media power user to communicate with the audience on a daily basis. …

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Nowadays some medial literacy awareness campaigns often focus on the accuracy and factualness of information, such as the one you see below from UNESCO.

They tell internet users not to share inaccurate messages… but the problem is, things are not really that clear-cut in real life.

If someone messages you and says, “Japanese food is healthier than Chinese food,” is this a fact? If you agree with the person, you might say, “yeah, that’s true. I prefer Japanese food because it’s healthy.”

If you disagree, on the other hand, you might say, “that’s not true at all. …


Masato Kajimoto

The timid leader of Strapline

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