EntreFEST 2017, a Gathering of Iowa’s Entrepreneurs

May 2, 2017 · 2 min read

The STRATAFOLIO team had a great time attending and pitching at EntreFEST 2017! EntreFEST took place on May 4 & 5, 2017 in beautiful downtown Iowa City, IA. It was a large gathering of Iowa’s entrepreneurial and innovation community. What an event it was!

EntreFEST 2017 — Some Pretty Awesome Entrepreneurs

EntreFEST was an incredible event from beginning to end! The event had a great line-up of fantastic keynote speakers. Plus, there were a bunch of super great topics and a lot of engaging entrepreneurs to meet. Entrepreneurship is very hard, but we can’t imagine our lives without it. Anyone that has started the entrepreneurial journey knows about all the struggles and the ups and downs of starting out. Finding traction and product market fit is critical, but it is not an easy task. Therefore, hearing and learning from successful entrepreneurs who have navigated these waters was extremely motivating. We also made excellent new contacts, and we were able to reconnect with many entrepreneurs from near and far.

Neil Blumenthal, co-CEO of Warby Parker shared his personal story about their growth and decision making along the way. What an amazing company culture they have created and have stayed true to. We were amazed at how they have utilized an agile methodology within their company and culture, and it gave us ideas on how to improve our own.

For the second time, we had the opportunity to hear and meet, Results Junkies CEO Paul Singh. Paul has a way of just cutting to the chase and laying it all out there. We loved it. And, his dog, Jack, was adorable! You got to meet this dog. The dog is a super cutie pie. I won’t lie. The thought of downsizing to an Airstream and traveling all over the United States is mighty enticing.

EntreFEST 2017 — Some Pretty Awesome Events

There were a number of excellent educational and entertaining technical sessions. Some of the topics included marketing, cloud-based machine learning, agile development, and productivity to name just a few. Furthermore, we had the chance to hear successful entrepreneurs share their amazing and inspiring stories. Many stories were from right here in Iowa such as Alec Whitters from HLT.

We look forward to implementing all we learned in 2017. Even more, we are excited to see what EntreFEST 2018 will bring! We can’t wait to look back when we attend EntreFEST 2018 and do a retrospective on how far we have come since our first attendance.


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